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Android/Kotlin/Java SDK

Note: This SDK in not fully compatible with XYO 2.0. Expected Update in Q1 2024.



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The XYO Foundation provides this source code available in our efforts to advance the understanding of the XYO Procotol and its possible uses. We continue to maintain this software in the interest of developer education. Usage of this source code is not intended for production.

Table of Contents


Primary SDK for using the XYO Protocol 2.0 from Android.


Adding to Project

See instructions on JitPack

Configure XYO Panel

Generate BoundWitness report

Proguard Issues

There seems to be issues using proguard with the SDK, or more specifically, Moshi, where it will remove generated classes We strongly recommend that you use R8 over Proguard.


  • Arie Trouw


See the LICENSE file for license details


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