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Now that you've learned a little more about the components of the XYO Network and how it fits together in the XYO Platform, it's time for some demos!

These demos will expand your understanding of the XYO Platform, and introduce you to some new concepts.

Resolve a Module

The interactive CodeSandbox demo below allows you to select an XYO Module from a dropdown, and resolve it to see information about it.

Query a Node

Next, you can query an XYO Node.

Learn More

Explore public Archivists, browse demo dApps, or take a peek at the Glossary to learn more!

Explore Public Data

We built to make it easy to explore and interact with data on our public Archivist. (Fun Tip: Once you spin up your own Archivist, you can connect it & explore your own data!)

Here's some quick links:

Demo dApps

The XYO Team has created a few demo dApps with real-world data to show you ways to utilize XYO Platform components. Use them to get your wheels turning on your own custom project, or just to browse!

Explore our demos on or on our GitHub.


Need a quick reminder on what's what? The Glossary can help you out!